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Ryan Higa Net Worth, Salary and Lifestyle

YouTube today has become a major platform for people to showcase the talent that they have. There are many who have gotten fame and success through YouTube and one such person happens to be Ryan Higa. Ryan is one of the major YouTube stars who currently has 21 million subscribers on his first channel 'nigahiga' and 5 million on his second channel HigaTV.

He was doing YouTube before it had reached the popularity as it has now. Being one of the oldest YouTubers in the game, he has achieved a considerable success as a YouTube celebrity.

Ryan Higa's Net Worth and Income

As a YouTube star who has been involved with the platform since mid-2006, Ryan has made quite a fortune for himself and is currently estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. Most of his income come through his YouTube videos but he has also done a couple of movies as well as done live shows. 

Ryan Higa

Ryan Higa

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He has over 3.8 billion views and has 21 million followers as of late 2018 on is cannel. Aside from earning from his views, he is also at times sponsored by various merchandise and apps which all help to increase his financial standings.

His annual revenue is reported to be above $1 million. He was at one point, the most subscribed person on YouTube and is quite popular in the community, thus his net worth is understandable for a superstar of YouTube.

Life Of A YouTube Star: Ryan Higa's Lifestyle

Ryan is one of the success stories of YouTube but unlike his peers who are of the same category, he does not like to show off his success. He has a house in Las Vegas, Nevada but there is not much information about his house. He owns a Scion FRS, a car which is priced to be $26,100. It is an expensive car but, seeing that he has worked hard to achieve his success, he should try to have fun and get some life luxuries. 

Ryan HigaRyan Higa

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Talking about his lifestyle, we could not go without talking about his love life. One of his first serious relationships was with Tarynn Iago who he dated from 2006 until 2010. After the end of his relationship with Iago, he started dating Andrea Thi in the late 2010 but that relationship did not last long and the couple separated but an exact time on when they split has not been given.

He is currently rumored to be dating Arden Cho but he has not given an official statement regarding the matter. So till now, it still remains a mystery as to whether the two are in a relationship or are just a really good friend.