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Joey Birlem Girlfriend, Dating & Gay rumor. What is his relationship status at this age

Joye Birlem is a 16-year-old teen who has been taking the hearts of thousands of youngsters. His popularity has risen so much that he currently has 1.3 million followers on his Instagram account and has 160k thousand followers on his Youtube. 

He has become a teen sensation from his and his self-titled Youtube channel. As a popular kid, it is no strange that there are many young girls out there who would like to be in a relationship with him and date him. Is he in a relationship or single at the moment? Find out all about it.

Is Joey Birlem Dating Anyone? His Relationship Status 

For celebs like Joey, it is hard to avoid media attention and most of the time people have queries about their personal life. Likewise, it was looking to be the similar case for Birlem as well. The teen became the highlight of gossip once the rumors of him possibly being in a relationship with Maddie Ziegler began to float.

The rumors about Joey's relationship with Maddie, began to float on the web as the pair had started to exchange flirty mentions in social media.

Joey Birlem's rumored girlfriend Maddie Ziegler

Joey Birlem's rumored girlfriend Maddie Ziegler

Source: Pinterest

However, Maddie was already in a relationship with Jack Kelly at the time of those rumors. She denied having any feelings of love for Birlem. She issued an apology saying that her Insta account had been hacked and that all of the things that had been hinted were not her direct actions.

Maddie's message to Joey 

Maddie's message to Joey

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Hearing Maddie's confession, Birlem was heartbroken. He did not accept her excuses and called her out as a bad liar through his Twitter. Things are normal among the two now and there haven't been any further updates as to whether the two have buried the hatchet or not. It looks like he has moved on from the past events.

And to date, there hasn't been any other rumors regarding Joey's relationship, and Joey too seems ok with it. But, but his fans aren't happy with the fact that Joey is single. Many even wonder whether he is gay or not? 

Is Joey Birlem Gay?

There have been times when people have often wondered if Joye Birlem is gay. He is a recent internet sensation and has an estimated net worth of $40 thousand at a decent age of 16, yet has never been spotted dating one, which has only fueled the rumor further. 


how do you feel

— Joey Birlem (@joeybirlem) April 7, 2018


But as you may not be aware of the heartbreak and all thanks to his relationship with Maddie, it is only normal for him to part his ways with affairs and relationships for a while. He may be trying to avoid being in a relationship at the moment.

Joey Birlem 

Joey Birlem

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We hope that this little incident does not take his mind off. We hope all the best for the rising star.