Jason Durr Fact

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Facts of Jason Durr
Name: Jason Durr
Date of birth:
Age:   54 Years
Birth Country: Singapore
Nationality: Singaporean
Weight: 70
Birth Sign: sagittarius


Jason Durr net worth: $15 Million
Is Jason Durr Gay? : No
Jason Durr

Jason Durr is a famous Singaporean Actor born on December 2, 1967. There is less information regarding his parent and siblings to the media.

He focusing on career and school, college is less known.

He is a married person. He was married to Jeanine Durr, in 1995, but this marriage turned to divorce. He married to Kate Charman since 2004. He has 3 children.

Height of Jason is not disclosed to the media. His weight is 70. His net worth is estimated at $15 Million, in 2017.


Jason Durr married record

Married to Jeanine Durr in 2022 Modify

Married to Kate Charman in 2022 Modify

Jason Durr children record

Daughter Blossom Durr Modify

Daughter Velvet Durr Modify

Son Felix Durr Modify

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