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Is Tinsley Mortimer relationship complicated with boyfriend Scott Kluth

We've heard many people going through a troubling relationship explain about their relationship as "it's complicated", and it looks to have similar implication in the relationship of The Real Housewives of New York Star Tinsley Mortimer and her boyfriend Scott Kluth.

Tinsley Mortimer appeared in the show The Real Housewives of New York in the 9th season and since appearing has provided the viewers of the show with a lot of drama and entertainment. Since her appearance on the show one of the most talked about topic regarding her remains her relationship with her boyfriend Scott. The two started dating after they were introduced to each other by another of her co-star Carole Radziwill in February of 2017.

As a reality star, her life has been captured by the camera and her relationship with Scott had been shown to the viewers as well. The couple was together for a long time and though, it looked like their relationship was going well, it had its issues as well. They had a good eight months run in their relationship but decided to part ways in October 2017. 

It looked like the end of their relationship but then she began to work as a manager for Scott's company which would give the two of them more chances to see each other. There was a tiny window of hope that the couple would reunite with one another in the future and the hopes turned to reality when the news came out that the couple began seeing each other in May of 2018.

The reunion was cut short as the rumors began to afloat that she was once again not together with Scott. In the interview of people now she made it clear that she and Scott were no longer together. Talking about her on and off again relationship with Scott, she said "Scott and I are very close, I still work for his company, CouponCabin — I’m an account manager for them. But you know, you’re just going to have to wait and see! Sometimes the heart gets what it wants, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

So why is their relationship so complicated, it seems that it is mainly due to the fact that the two live in different cities. Scott is based on Chicago while Tinsley is adamant about not leaving New York. It seems that a long-term relationship is hard to work out on. 

According to Tinsley,“It’s tough, but you know, he lives in Chicago, I live in New York, and relationships are hard when you have the long distance, even though it’s only about two and a half hours away. At least Chicago is not that far away, it’s not like I have to fly all the way to Europe — so we’ll see.”

Tinsley does have a complicated relationship with boyfriend Scott and she does have an on and off relationship with him, but here's to hoping that she can make her relationship work out and hear about her exchanging her wedding vows with him.