Dolph Lundgren Fact

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Facts of Dolph Lundgren
Name: Dolph Lundgren
Birth Name: Hans Lundgren
Date of birth:
Age:   65 Years
Birth Country: Sweden
Nationality: Finnish Swedish
Ethnicity: White
Father: Karl Lundgren
Mother: Brigitta Lundgren
Height: 6 Feet 5 Inch
Birth Sign: scorpio



Dolph Lundgren net worth: $14 Million
Is Dolph Lundgren Gay? : No
Dolph Lundgren

Hans Lundgren (born November 3, 1957) is a Swedish Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film Producer. Dolph is White by ethnicity. He was born in Spånga, Sweden. Name of his father is Karl Lundgren. His mother is Brigitta Lundgren.

Dolph completed his school from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and college from University of Sydney. He started career as actor. He received Marshall Trophy for Best Actor for a title in 1985. He received Fantastic Lantern for a title in 2007.

He is a married person. He married to Peri Momm since 1990. But this marriage turned to divorce. He married to Anette Qviberg since 1994. He has 2 childrens. Dolph has 2 children. Dolph has 2 children.

Dolph Lundgren height is 6 Feet 5 Inch. His net worth was $14 Million in 2015.

You can find his information in wikipedia. He is active in many other social sites where you can find more info.


Dolph Lundgren married record

Married to Peri Momm in 2023 Modify

Married to Anette Qviberg in 2023 Modify

Dolph Lundgren children record

Daughter Ida Lundgren Modify

Daughter Greta Lundgren Modify

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