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Suzanne Whiston is in Relationship with Karl Pilkington

There is no doubt that as a BBC producer, Suzanne Whistone is popular. She is famous for Match of the Day football highlights on BBC. However, it is not just her career that has got people interested in her. She is also in a long-term relationship with Karl Pilkington, a fellow producer, and radio star.

The combination of these two media personality is an interesting union and many fans wish to learn more about their relationship. They have been together for a long while but there still remains a question as to whether the couple is married or not.

Is Suzanne Married To Karl Pilkington?

Suzanne and Karl have been in a relationship since the 1990s. It has been more than twenty years into their relationship and they have stayed as an example of a long lasting relationship. The two met at work and Karl had one day done some editing work for Suzanne for which in return, Suzanne bought a hot chocolate for Karl. The two did not need more to begin their relationship. 

Suzanne Whiston with her partner Karl PilkingtonSuzanne Whiston with her partner Karl Pilkington

Source: BBC

The couple has been together for so long that people call them as husband and wife. However, they have never officially gotten married and are only partners. The couple themselves often call each other as husband and wife but they have never actually had a wedding or even gotten engaged. 

Are Suzanne Whiston and Karl Pilkington Getting Married Any Soon?

For the couple who have been together for more than two decades, it is normal that their fans would ask the question as to when they will get married. But, from what they have said, the couple may never get married. 

In the past, Suzanne had shown interest in getting married and having her own children. But, her partner Karl does not seem to agree with the concept of marriage and children. Karl has said that he would rather spend his money on home mortgages rather than on marriage. Though this would have made any girl want to give up on a relationship, it did not seem to faze Suzanne one bit.

Suzanne WhitsonSuzanne Whitson

Source: Naibuzz

She has given up her dreams of a wedding and children and seems to be happy to be together with Karl. The couple shows that they truly only love each other and they do not need anybody else. While it would have been a joyous occasion to see the two of them getting married, at the end all that matters is that they find joy with one another. 

They may never get married but their relationship is far stronger than any marriages could ever be. They have a happy and cordial relationship and we hope that it remains the same until their dying breath.