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Robert Kazinsky Married Life and Relationship

Stage name Robert Kazinsky, birth name Robert John Appleby, we are sure many have watched his work in Pacific Rim, Warcraft, and True Blood. He is a Hollywood hunk who has been providing entertainment to various fans from his acting role. He is an attractive person and if there are ladies out there who are interested to make him their partner.

If you are interested to find out about Kazinsky's love life and about his relationship status at the current time then you have come to the correct place. Continue with the gossip to find out all about his love life and relationship.

Is Robert Kazinsky Married?

No, the actor has never been married to this date. However, he has been in various relationships with famous celebrities in the past. Some of his famous relationships include star Laura Gold who he has claimed was his first love.



In the years to follow after his break up with Laura Gold which happened in 2006, he has been in a relationship with Michelle Bass, Leilani Dowding, Jennifer Biddall, Fiona Brattle, and Daniela Ruah.

He has claimed that he is married but married to his job. He told the Belfast Telegraph:

I'm married to my job. I'm obsessed with my work, and I run myself into the ground every single day.

He has not given up the prospect of marriage and says that he wants his dream girl to have intelligence and sense of humor. Those two characters look to be important for him to have in his partner as he says that not having those two makes even the world's most beautiful woman really dull.

Currently In a Relationship

Kazinsky is currently in a relationship with Chloe Dykstra, a star of Sci-Fi TV series Heroes of Cosplay. The pair has been together since 2016 but they have yet to take their relationship to the level of husband and wife. The couple is reported to be in a live-in relationship which has led there to be confusion as to the two being husband and wife.


However, the two have not tied their knot to each other and have kept mum about the topic as well. Recently, Dykstra wrote a blog stating her ex-boyfriend abused her both sexually and emotionally. This has brought a lot of controversy and Kazinsky has been strongly supporting her in this case. 

He looks to be pretty serious about the relationship between what we can find out and we have to be patient to find out as to whether he will pop her the question of marriage or not.