Renata Litvinova Fact

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Facts of Renata Litvinova
Name: Renata Litvinova
Date of birth:
Age:   54 Years
Birth Country: Russia
Nationality: Russian
Ethnicity: white
Father: Murat Aminovich Vergazov
Mother: Alice Litvinova
Birth Sign: capricorn


Is Renata Litvinova Lesbian? : No
Renata Litvinova

Renata Litvinova was born in January 12, 1967. Litvinova was born in Moscow, Russia, Russia to father Murat Aminovich Vergazov and mother Alice Litvinova.

Reportedly, Litvinova joined college after completing high school from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography and Litvinova pursue career.

Litvinova is a married person. Litvinova married to Aleksandr Antipov since 1996. Litvinova married to Leonid Dobrovsky since 2001. Litvinova has a daughter named Ulyana Dobrovskaya.

Height of Renata is not disclosed to the media.


Renata Litvinova married record

Married to Aleksandr Antipov in 2021 Modify

Married to Leonid Dobrovsky in 2021 Modify

Renata Litvinova children record

Daughter Ulyana Dobrovskaya Modify

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