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Michael Jayston wife

Michael Jayston is an English actor who is famous for his works in British television shows and movies. Even if you have not watched his work as an actor, you may hear a familiarity in his voice as he has recorded most of John le Carré's novels in audiobook format and is the storyteller in the BBC radio serials Rogue Male and Rogue Justice.

The actor has been alive for a long time now and is aged 82. It is hard to find true love to spend your life with and Jayston also struggled to find his true love. He has been married three times. Who were his wives you ask? Continue with the article to find out all of Jayston's past marriages and wives.

Michael Jayston Marriages: The Marriages That Didn't Last Forever

As we have mentioned before. Jayston has been married three times. It was only in his third marriage that he was able to find his true soul mate with whom he could spend his whole life. So, what about his previous marriages? Sad to say his first two marriages were not successful.

Michael Jayston's first wife Lynn Farleigh

Michael Jayston's first wife Lynn Farleigh

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His first marriage was to actress Lynn Farleigh whom he married in 1965. He found his wife at the beginning of his career and he must have thought that she was the one as he married her. However, their marriage could not last long. He and Lynn divorced in 1970. He did not have any children from his first marriage and whether it was due to this reason that his first marriage failed, we could not say for sure.

After the end of his marriage to Lynn Farleigh, his second marriage was to Heather Mary Sneddon. It has not been reported as to when he married her, but the two divorced in 1977. Unlike his first marriage, he had two sons, Tom, and Ben from his second marriage and had also adopted a Vietnamese child Li-an. He had three children from his second marriage but even having children could not save his marriage. 

A Marriage Lasting Decades

His past unsuccessful marriages did not deter him from trying to find true love. After his second divorce in 1977, he married Ann Smithson in 1979. And he did not have to worry about a fourth marriage as with Ann he was finally able to share the rest of his life. 

He moved to Brighton with Ann and still currently resides there. The happy couple has two children, Richard and Katy. It has been 40 years since their marriage and he is still happily married. He has become an example that it is possible to find true love. 

Michael Jayston resides in Barrington with his third wife Ann Smithson Michael Jayston resides in Barrington with his third wife Ann Smithson

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For those of you who have given up on love, take Jayston's marriages for example and do not give up hope of finding your true love. Who knows, you may find your Ann Smithson just like Jayston.