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Matt Cutshall net worth, married

Getting popular on every social media platform, Matt Cutshall has established a name for himself as a social media personality. He is a former boy band member of the band It Boys has been in Vine and is currently gaining attention from Instagram. he is a true case of success achieved through social media. He is also slowly transitioning into YouTube as well.

He has found success in various platforms and lives a comfortable life. If you have been wondering to find out about his net worth and his love life, we have a juicy gossip waiting for you to read.

Matt Cutshall Net Worth and Income

As we have mentioned before, Cutshall has been on various social media platforms, from a kid band called It Boys to Vine and Instagram, he has build up a large fan basis for himself. During the glory of Vine days, he had more than 1.6 million followers and on his current Instagram account, he has 706k followers.



From every negative comes a positive. Keep your head up 

A post shared by Matt Cutshall (@mattcutshall) on Jul 23, 2018 at 11:22am PDT


As a media personality, his success rests with his fan basis and followers and having followers in a 100k range is not an easy task to achieve. Suffice to say, his success on different social media has earned him quite a living and Cutshall currently sits at the net worth of $700 thousand. While it is not as much as some of the major celebrities in Hollywood, it is a big number nevertheless.

Is Matt Cutshall Married?

Cutshall aged 32 is not married to this date. However, fans may get to hear the news of him tying his marital in the near future as he is currently in a relationship with model Arielle Vandenberg. The couple were friends for a long time and started dating in 2017.



UHH-KAY Cutie!!! You make me happy! 

A post shared by Arielle Vandenberg (@arielle) on Jun 17, 2017 at 2:39pm PDT


Cutshall and Vandenberg have made various clips on Vine through their collaboration. Fans of them both have been rooting for the pair to be together and they announced of their relationship via social media. Vandenberg is also a social media sensation and it was a sweet surprise when fans got to hear of the couple being together.

If you are a fan of this couple then you can get your fill of their relationship on their Instagram where the couple fills up their pages with photos of the couple spending time together. They look happy to be in a relationship with one another and we hope to one day see them post pictures of them getting engaged.