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Mary Katharine Ham Married Life and Children

A journalist is not defined by gender and race but by the news and truth that they bring to the world. Mary Katharine Ham is an American journalist who works with CNN and is one of the bold and confident journalists present today. She has had some of the highlights moment in the media with her confrontation with American president Donald Trump.

There is no doubt that Ham has had a good career life which is still successful. However, the same cannot be said about her married life. She lost her husband Jacob Brewer in 2015, who is survived by Mary and their two children.

Mary Katharine Ham's Marriage with Jacob Brewer 

Ham was married to Jacob Brewer, a White House aide during Barack Obama administration and co-founder of the immigration activist group Define American. The couple got married in 2011 and were happy with one another. There were no issues in their marriage and the couple showed no signs of having internal trifles.

Mary Katherine With late husband Jacob Brewer and daughter Georgia BrewerMary Katherine With late husband Jacob Brewer and daughter Georgia Brewer

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They were happy in their marriage in every sense and they looked to spend the rest of their life together. However, fate had other plans in store for the married couple. On September 20, 2015, Brewer tragically lost his life from injuries sustained in a bike accident. He had gone to participate in a bike ride to support people living with cancer in Howard County, Maryland which is where the accident that took his life occurred.

Ham's life turned upside down with the news. One moment, she was a happily married wife and in a short span, she had become a widow. It had only been four years into her marriage and the journalist now had to live as a widow.

Mary Katharine Ham and Jacob Brewer's Children

Though tragedy had fallen upon Ham, she still had something that would give her hope and those would be her children. Two years into her marriage with Brewer, she had given birth to their first child in 2013 who they named Georgia Brewer



World, meet Garnet J. Brewer! At 7 lbs., 13 oz. & 21 in., she made her appearance after 5.5 hours of blessedly safe & awesome natural labor Nov. 28 at 5:15 am, reminding her mom this childbirth thing is no joke, hard core, & beautiful. Her middle initial is for her dad, Jake. Her first name comes from a memorable hike Jake & I did above Garnet Canyon in WY when I was 7 mos pregnant w our first. I feel confident he'd love the name and is proud of all us girls today. That's Jake's wonderful sister standing in as my birth coach in this pic of us a couple hours after the birth. We were home from the birth center in time for the Dawgs game! Big sis seems unfazed. Thanks for all the prayers and love. We will always miss Jake, but we know we are taken care of and so does he. Jer 29:11, Proverbs 31:25

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Ham was also expecting her second child when the unfortunate event took the life of her husband. She gave birth to her second child on 2015 who she named as Garnet J. Brewer. The name of her second child has two meanings: it was the name of her late husband and also the name of the snow-covered Wyoming canyon where the couple hiked when Ham was seven months pregnant with their first child, Georgia.



Album covers for days. #galsgowest

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She has not been in any new relationship since the passing of her husband and looks to be focused on her career and raising her children. It takes a lot of courage and strength to keep going after the tragedy that she has passed through and we hope that the journalist can keep finding the strength to continue on this journey.