Hanna Lis Fact

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Facts of Hanna Lis
Name: Hanna Lis
Date of birth:
Age:   51 Years
Birth Country: Poland
Nationality: Polish
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Father: Waldemar Kedaj
Mother: Aleksandra Kedaj
Birth Sign: taurus


Is Hanna Lis Lesbian? : No
Hanna Lis

Hanna Lis was born in May 13, 1970. Lis was born in Warsaw, Poland to father Waldemar Kedaj and mother Aleksandra Kedaj.

Lis joined college the University of Warsaw after completion of high school. Lis started a career as a Polish National Television.

Lis is a married person. Lis married to Tomasz Lis since 2007. Lis was married to Robert Smoktunowicz, in 1989, but this marriage turned to divorce. Lis has 2 children.

Height of Hanna is not disclosed to the media.


Hanna Lis married record

Married to Tomasz Lis in 2021 Modify

Married to Robert Smoktunowicz in 2021 Modify

Hanna Lis children record

Daughter Julia Kozi?ska Modify

Daughter Anna Kozi?ska Modify

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