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Cristina Chiabotto Dating History and Relationship

If you are a soccer fanatic and love the Italian Football Club Juventus, you must be familiar with Juventus Channel or now known as Juventus TV. Cristina Chiabotto is an Italian TV presenter and is one of the presenters for Juventus channel. She is tall with the height of 182 cm and is very attractive, and believe us when she is presenting the game, it is hard to focus on the game rather than her.

She was in a long relationship with an Italian actor and has just recently cut off her tie with the actor. So, who was she in a relationship with and how is her love life doing these days? Continue with the gossip to find out all about her relationship status, past and present.

Cristina Chiabotto's Relationship With Fabio Fulco

You may not be familiar with the name Fabio Fulco, but he is a famous celebrity in Italy and is an Italian actor. Cristina was in a long-term relationship with Fabio which lasted for 11 years and 8 months. Cristina is a former Miss Italia and was crowned the title in 2004 and it was not surprising to see her be in a relationship with an actor.

They had a fairy tale of a relationship and many fans out there had believed that the couple would likely stay together and eventually tie the knot with each other. However, sad to say, the couple broke up their relationship in late 2017 and the news came as a shock to the media and fans. Since their break up, there have been many speculations regarding the reason for the couple's break up.

Cristina Chiabotto and Fabio Fulco Cristina Chiabotto and Fabio Fulco

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Cristina looked to clear the rumors once and for all and did an interview to provide the fans with facts that led to their break up. To summarise the reason for their break-up, she simply pointed out that she was not able to commit more to the relationship and that they were exhausted from their relationship not moving any further. She was only 19 when she first met Fabio and though they were happy together, they were only focused on doing things to keep the love alive.

She was simply not able to connect to Fabio in a deeper level and Fabio wanted things to go to the next level. In the end, it looks like she has yet to find out more about herself. She has only been with Fabio from a young age and it may be why she has been hesitated to go to the next level with him. Fabio had been patient with her, but it looks like he was not able to remain patient any longer and they eventually decided to part ways.

Cristina's Current Relationship Status

Cristina has said that she is currently on a journey to find herself. She has been seen recently with basketball player Giuseppe Poeta, and many thought that he was her new boyfriend. However, she denied the rumors saying he was a good friend to her and that she has never seen him alone. 



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All of the evidence point that Cristina is single at the moment and just as she has said, she is trying to find herself. we are sure that a pretty and talented girl like Cristina can find a good partner for herself in the future.